Sunday, April 28, 2019

My name is Cassandra [I've been singing again]

Here is what I did on Easter. For this video I recruited my mom and my younger brother to hold the camera. Not a masterpiece of camera work, but definitely better than my green screen.


  1. You got this down to the 3:30 time frame of the standard 1960s pop song. The sound quality is better than in your last submission. It is the fate of Cassandra to be right and largely ignored.

    I have thought for a while you would comment about the venal and ridiculous attacks on Katie Bouman.

  2. Cassandra, the prophet of the dark! Wonderful video, Sabine, congratulations! If you are interested in Cassandra, you may be interested to know that my blog is titled "Cassandra's Legacy" ( As a blog, it is a little catastrophic, but not so much! Best from Ugo.

  3. I also took the liberty of linking your song to my blog, I hope it is OK with you. It was such a wonderful performance that I couldn't avoid sharing it with my readers.

  4. Cassie: Beware of Geeks bearing Trojans.

    1. Or perhaps: Beware of Geeks bearing grifts.

  5. Dr. Hossenfelder, Thanks much for the delightful surprise!!
    (Readers of your blog surely believe most of the musical Cassandra's prophecies.)

  6. Lawrence,

    Yes, I learned some new tricks, happy to see that someone noticed :o)

    I did briefly comment on the Bouman story on facebook. But I do not know anything about the collaboration and not much about the image analysis, so really have nothing of substance to add.

  7. My rule is, if “it goes without saying, don’t say it.” Still, it must be said that your lovely Elizabethan-style dress is beautiful--even if “beauty” is a banned concert in the conext here. The frock is also a clear example of “intelligent design.”
    Any other celebrity’s blog would be deluged by now with, “Where can I get one, or one like it?”
    I must assert my gender bias, too: I’d urge you to exercise your right to bare arms. You women with single chins and flat stomachs are to cherished.
    I believe you’re areligious; but being RIGHT about physics practice is your cross to bear.

  8. Enjoyed it so much that I posted it on my personal time line.

  9. I often find your videos entertaining as I did this one, and I appreciate the humor you sprinkle in.

    On a separate subject perhaps in a future post you'll give us your thoughts on the measurement discrepancies I've recently read about for the Hubble constant?

    1. Louis,

      I wrote about this two years ago here and the situation hasn't changed much since, so I have nothing new to say.

    2. I read your entry on the cosmological constant or Hubble constant problem and that of Douglas Scott in the comment section. I am a little flummoxed by his comment on the cosmological constant is not the Hubble constant. We could really say the cosmological constant Λ is related to the Hubble constant by H^2 = stuff×Λ. The two are closely related by the FLRW energy constraint

      (å/a)^2 = 8πGρ/3c^2 - k/a^2

      with H = å/a and Λ = 8πGρ/c^2. The last term having to do with topology or whether the space is open or closed is not terribly relevant for a mature cosmology with large a.

    3. I have been thinking about what I wrote originally after that exchange and later came to the conclusion that what I wrote originally was technically correct (for the reason you name). In fact, this is exactly why a time-dependent Lambda explains the observations. The point they made, I think, was not about the physics but really about the particular way that they fit the parameters, which pushes the tension into the Hubble constant.

  10. You are my favorite physicist! The camera work was excellent. Your mom and brother did a great job.

  11. That was just outstanding! Especially liked the resonance of the multiple voice-overs. I second the opinion of Robert Varner on the camera work of your mom and brother.

  12. This is a good theme song for your book, except for the line about not coming here to preach. :-)

    I'm curious which castle it is and how you managed to get the shackles on your wrists. Are they available for tourists to play with?

    1. Steven,

      Well, let me just say I didn't ask for permission. The videos were not done at one single place but actually several. There are a lot of small castles here. At some point we were told were weren't allowed to take photos and we left quickly, so I'd rather remain vague about the exact location.

    2. Oh, and the shackles. My brother had to put them on. I believe they are authentic, old & very rusty metal. They don't look like replica. I carried away some bruises and scratches from that. We should have done some close-ups though b/c it's hard to see I have one around my neck too.

      Once I am home and watch the footage, I know what I could have done better :/

  13. Wow, a physicist that listens to a muse. Now if we could just get physicists with an ear for empiricism we might get somewhere. You give me hope, Sabine.

  14. HI SABINE !!!


    Once again, sorry for the late reply to your last post.
    - I was involved.

    don't know where to start;
    Your hair is Beautiful,
    as are your shoes... awesome!
    The music, lyrics and location
    - amazing !
    (all credit to your Mom and Brother, the camera work is Very good.)
    In my experience, in time,
    sometimes prophets are branded
    'witches'. , so it's good to be careful.
    (just so you know), Appolo
    has no sway over me.
    I'll be waiting for your warnings.
    - I hear you very well.

    Again, . excellent video !
    " Love Your Work.

  15. Sabine wrote: I believe they are authentic, old & very rusty metal.

    I shudder to imagine what they did to the "authentic" people who were shackled to that wall. Maybe some of them were actually accused of being witches.

    Sabine wrote: I carried away some bruises and scratches from that.

    It's a dramatic and visually arresting scene, a shocking contrast to your usual restrained style. I can't see the neck shackle, thank goodness. It's painful enough to watch as it is. :-)

  16. Seems like you've got a fan in a different corner of the blogosphere.


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