Saturday, March 23, 2019

Just Move (I’ve been singing again)

I have spent the last few weekends shouting at a foam mat. It’s nothing personal. Foam and I, we normally get along just fine. It’s just that I was hoping to improve my singing technique. Also, shouting may come in handy on other occasions, you never know.

Alas, my shouting success was limited. It’s hard to project anger at a foam mat. But somewhere along the way I seem to have spontaneously developed a head-voice vibrato, not sure how come. Probably a sign that my head is becoming increasingly hollow.

Besides that, I have a new pre-amplifier which works better than the previous one, but has a markedly different noise pattern that I yet have to get used to. If my voice sounds different, that’s probably why. That, or the hollow head.

(Soundcloud version here.)


  1. Hi Sabine. Great video great woman. Think I know how you feel. Don't give up.

  2. And maybe it was nature's hollowness screaming through you all along!

  3. I am not qualified to evaluate your work in physics, but your lyrics are terrific!

  4. Hi Sabine ! 😁
    Love Your Work ! - all of it.
    -Can't wait to see what you come up with next.
    Me, .. lately I've been breaking my head on the 'brick wall' of causal dynamical triangulation. - oh well.
    (did I forget to mention)
    I used to play guitar.😊
    All Love ,

  5. There should be a future for you in some science fiction movie!

  6. Excellent Sabine - thoroughly enjoyed your music.
    What a very talented person you are.


  7. I suspect your detractors are hoping your music career will take off in a really big way. ��

  8. Bravo! This tune really works!

  9. Wow, I was so NOT expecting a video when I took a sneak break from doing taxes today! Sabine, your voice especially is amazing... and your lyrics are poignant in ways that transcend physics and address how every one of us has felt at some time about our lives. Bravo!

  10. OK. But don't quit your day job.


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