Sunday, August 26, 2018

Away Note

I’ll be traveling the next two weeks. First I am in Santa Fe, giving both a colloquium and a public lecture, and then I am in Oslo, giving two talks, one at the Kavli Symposium and one at the public library.

Later in September I’ll be in London at HowTheLightGetsIn. The first week of October, I’ll be in NYC and afterwards in Lexington, Kentucky. The week after that I’ll be at the international book fair in Frankfurt, and in early November I’ll be in Berlin (details to come).

I have been advised that giving talks about my book is private business, so please note that the next two weeks I am officially on vacation for the first time since 2008 (which was our two-years-late honeymoon trip).

Vacation or not, it is foreseeable that I will be offline for extended periods, so please prepare for a slow time on this blog.


  1. Santa Fe has had a generous monsoon season and the desert should be lively. Enjoy your visit.

  2. Did you never go on vacation with your daughters (born in 2010)?

  3. Frequent flyer miles are going to add up like crazy.

  4. Busy schedule! Hope the logistics gods treat you well. I had a question about the recent detection of a 200 Tev Neutrino by the "Ice Cube" detector in Antartica. My understanding is that the neutrino appears to have originated the TXS 0506+056 blazar. My question is whether the current theories of how matter infalling into a black hole is converted into accelerated particles/ high energy photons support the creation of a neutrino of such high energy. Is it likely this neutrino was the result of an even higher energy particle decaying?



  5. Good thing you're not coming to the northeast, as we are having another heatwave, with temps in the mid 90's, and high humidity. Santa Fe is at over 7000 feet, so enjoys cool nights.

  6. Come do a Secret Science Club Lecture in NYC!!! It's done at the Bell House in Brooklyn, ~ 300 very scientifically minded people in the audience, you get a drink named after the lecture how about "The Fizzicist"? and you can sell your book!


  7. omigosh, I grew up in Lexington, KY. Since you also mentioned you're on vacation, if you have time while you're in Kentucky, I might could recommend things to see here if you have the time, and knew what your interests are.

    In the absence of specific interests, I'd recommend visiting Keeneland (, which only has horse races in April and October, although its races this year don't start until Oct 5, a day after your visit (but it's across the road from the airport, so maybe you could fit it in).

    When I was a child, Keeneland represented the epitome of the elegance of Kentucky horse racing, not Churchill Downs, where the Derby is held. It's lost quite a bit of its charm since then (like it has speakers now & is hugely crowded), but it's still the place that very old Kentuckians prefer.

    Another of my favorite places is Berea,KY, which is about 20 miles south of where you'll be speaking. It's home to Berea College (, which is tuition free (but only the poor can be admitted), and is what a college should be. Also has nice, short hikes nearby.

    Then there's Shakertown (, an interesting religious sect that died out for obvious reasons, but yet recognized the value of engineering. One of my favorite places to eat.

    Nothing so grand as the places I've seen in Germany, but if you like quaint and peaceful, perhaps you might like them.


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