Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Away Note

I’ll be in London for a few days, attending a RAS workshop on “Fine-Tuning on the Cosmological and the Quantum Scales.” First time I’m speaking about the topic, so a little nervous about that.

It just so happens that tomorrow evening theres a public lecture in London by Roger Penrose which I might or might not attend, depending on whether my flight arrives as planned. Feeling somewhat bad because I haven’t read his recent book. Just judging by the title I’m afraid it might have some overlap with mine.

This public lecture is arranged by the Ideas Roadshow, which I mentioned before. It’s run by Howard Burton, former director of PI. They have some teaser videos which you might enjoy:

Speaking of former directors, I believe Neil Turok’s term at PI is about to run out and I want to complain that I haven’t yet heard rumors who’s in the pipe^^.

As for this blog, please expect that comments might get stuck in the queue longer than usual.


  1. Thinking creating problems cannot solve them. Vacuum tubes, discrete solid state, large scale integration. Stuff is formula units not atoms. Further scale contraction violently offends management. War on Terror, War on Drugs, EPA neuter American garages

    Cosmology, baryogenesis, Tully-Fisher; why GR and QM mutually fail are easily located: consistent with prior observation, externally arriving as experiment not theory, unfundable heresy,

    Physics, stop doing what you are doing and do it. Maxwell was 20 equations clever, Heaviside was four equations useful.

  2. Regarding Neil Turok, they did ask us to be discreet. ;)


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