Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Experimental Search for Quantum Gravity 2016

I am happy to announce that this year we will run the 5th international conference on Experimental Search for Quantum Gravity here in Frankfurt, Germany. The meeting will take place Sep 19-23, 2016.

We have a (quite preliminary) website up here. Application is now open and will run through June 1st. If you're a student or young postdoc with an interest in the phenomenology of quantum gravity, this conference might be a good starting point and I encourage you to apply. We cannot afford handing out travel grants, but we will waive the conference fee for young participants (young in terms of PhD age, not biological age).

The location of the meeting will be at my new workplace, the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, FIAS for short. When it comes to technical support, they seem considerably better organized (not to mention staffed) than my previous institution. At this stage I am thus tentatively hopeful that this year we'll both record and livestream the talks. So stay tuned, there's more to come.


  1. Best of luck and success, Bee! Perhaps the empirical gateway to non-classical gravitation is testing an emergent property. That provides a relevant minimum grain size without parametric jiggery-pokery.

  2. Good luck and have fun. Would it be possible to attend/follow this remotely?

  3. Hello Sabine,

    Does such a conference come with a summary or videos,or any type of account of what was discussed or presented ?

  4. Sounds good. Will there be a poster area?

  5. As a young grad student who probably won't be able to afford to go, I hope deeply that the talks can be recorded! The subject is fascinating.

  6. Shantanu,

    As I wrote, I'm hoping we'll have it both recorded and livestreamed, but it's not yet quite settled.

  7. Tom,

    Yes, you can bring a poster. (There's a section in the application form for that.)

  8. Noa,

    As I wrote, we're hoping to have it recorded. I'll probably also have some kind of summary on this blog.

  9. Right, i'll have to read more carefully. Thank you.

  10. Amanda Gefter, whom I discovered only today (due to her book "Trespassing on Einstein's Lawn', is the single most persuasiveness and powerful evidence of the existential peril that Science is now in. The reason for this is that she is pretty much alone in exemplifying all the traits and qualities of a true scientist. Yet she is not qualified, has no desk in science, has no status or presence in the scientific mainstream, and covets it not. It's that toxic in mainstream culture in science, that you've got more chance of oneday becoming a true discoverer, going the other way.

  11. Dear Dr. Bee,

    I'm interested in the field and considering to to apply for a PhD in a near future. It is possible to attend the conference (and paying the fees) just being a recent MSc. graduate?




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