Thursday, January 15, 2015

I'm a little funny

What I do in the library when I have a bad hair day ;)

The shirt was a Christmas present from my mother. I happened to wear it that day and then thought it fits well enough. It's too large for me though, apparently they don't cater to physicists in XS.

My voice sounds like sinus infection because sinus infection, sorry about that.


  1. FAR OUT
    beats a whole lot of MTV videos from the 80s - like that awful mickey song, but not quite Def Lepard.
    which journals - i couldn't make out the lettering.

  2. Glad you like it :) Had some fun with this one. There were a couple of students sitting in the library, working late, who probably thought I'm totally nuts.

    Journals: Various physics journals, most of them German. The old one you see in the beginning was something with "Leipziger", but forgot the rest. The folder that I pull out happened to be full of New Scientist issues from the 1980s. I put it back very quickly ;) The books on the table are all old astronomy books, also the one I pull out from the upper shelf.

  3. i asked about the green journal - once had a weird experience in the 40th st Science Library in NYC - all the xerox machines were out of order in front - but in back they kept bound green volumes of Topology. I picked one out and opened it - finding Atiyah, Bott and Shapiro paper on Clifford Algebra - just the sort of thing i was looking for. I nearly passed out on the spot.

  4. This was actually quite good. Great song.

  5. Compound pendulum, complex harmonic motion, and curl? The UC/Irvine Science Library rotunda once shelved 1000+ journals. $(US)3 parking purchased a Saturday reading everything. Now - terminals, and parking requires a credit check.

    The wonderful library scent of old books includes faintly psychoactive mold metabolites. By procedure and content, untoward thought is ended. Unapproved futures are excluded.

    They will arise elsewhere.

  6. i was just looking up deformed relativity here and wondering about the enveloping algebra of the lorentz group. Long ago i found that complex octonions have +--- and -+++ when written in 16 components, so come to think of it, maybe this is the proper enveloping algebra. It would certainly seem to fit. And it has 'generations' - just do -+-- etc.
    to get 4 of them.
    So if the universe 'oscillates in generation space' going up and down generations, it could well have something like a minimal length, since you can't go below generation zero, or above generation three. It would also have a maximum length scale.

    so the universe would be doing a dance - too ! not to be too off topic.

  7. hey wait a minute. If there is a min and max scale, wouldn't that imply there is no singularity ?

    i am thinking that the 'dark oscillators' provide the degrees of freedom to go up and down generations. That probably also has something to do with the CKM mixing in the standard model. There are 6 more particles per generation to do all this. They all look like a(b(co)) and one must require that if ab = -ba is valid then oa = -ao must be equally valid - but only dark oscillators can do this.
    anyway I don't remember anything like this in Hawking-Ellis. It's been a long time tho.

  8. Bee, you crack me up! Talk about "the nutty professor." If this video hasn't gone viral by next week I'm turning in my youtube membership card.

    Seriously, you really have a gift, Bee. Never let anyone tell you you should be locked up somewhere. You shouldn't.

  9. Alice,

    "I was always bad at math" - Bee

    Bee is being silly.

    "Mathematics can be as effortless as humming a tune, if you know the tune," writes Gareth Loy.


    Imagine Bee's career stopping in her early teens after as a first-ever-teenager Nobel prize receiver she united g and qm.

    In that universe there are no twins.

    As a twin, and speaking for all twins, we shudder to imagine this.

    Bad Bob

  10. Dear Sabine

    I infer you have trouble with sinus infection?

    I also had this condition for many years, finally I emigrated (from UK to NZ)!

    Sometimes only drastic measures suffice ;-)

    ps I love your videos, and you are in inspiration to both myself and my daughter.

  11. Unknown,

    Thanks for the kind words :) If my kids are old enough, I hope to finally get to see NZ! Sinus infections: it's an anatomical issue, basically my nose is too narrow (I sound like my nose is clogged even if it isn't). On top of that comes a too high inflammation response that leads to tissue swelling (probably stress related). The result is that most of the time I have a cold, I get a sinus infection on top, which might linger for weeks. I now have a whole artillery of medications that are supposed to prevent my nose from clogging, which kinda helps - it has gotten much better. I could have surgery for this (have a friend for whom it worked very well), but I'm not really suffering enough to go that way ;) Best,


  12. Really cool, even though I have spent almost eight years in this library, I never thought something like this. Very nice...


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