Monday, June 23, 2014

What I do... [Video]

What I do when I don't do what I don't do. I'm the short one. The tall one is our soon-to-be-ex director Lárus Thorlacius, also known as the better half of black hole complementarity. Don't worry, I'm not singing.


  1. I'm not singing. You are! Replace "um"s with pensive cadences (pauses). Must the number of black holes be even?

    Firewall versus Equivalence Principle: No measurable observable violates the EP. Absolute discontinuous symmetry (outside Noether's theorems) unmeasurable observables are untested. e.g., geometric chirality. Optical rotation ignores mass distribution: 2-norbornanone 29.8° versus 2-norbornenone 1146°. Visually and chemically identical, single crystal test masses in enantiomorphic space groups (opposite shoes) violate the Equivalence Principle (P3(1)21 versus P3(2)21 α-quartz). Look. The EP need not be a law.

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  3. Strong claim? In the sentence "X believes he has solved the black hole information paradox" I could name at least 30 people for X.

  4. I'm never worried about you neither if you singing nor if you speak/write of physic. It's always a pleasure for me to listen to you. It's not a compliment, that's what I'm really thinking.


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