Monday, January 27, 2014

My invisible friend

Here's what I did on the weekend.

As you can see the video quality is still pretty crappy for reasons I can't figure out. Obviously I'm doing something wrong with the mixdown or the compression. To begin with, I probably shouldn't have combined the webcam recording with the rest. I was considerably more successful with the audio quality. Unfortunately, the microphone wouldn't speak to the camera, so I had to record the video and the audio separately and try to match them later, which is why the audio in some places seem out of synch. Sorry about that. I have a totally awesome microphone though and I'm very pleased with the audio. If you're not very careful with the microphone settings you can basically hear the neighbors fart in the recording.

If I find the time I'll do some more recordings and put a beat under this. I only noticed very belatedly that I accidentally mixed up G major with D major. So the piece is more, eh, interesting as it was supposed to be and I've violated the sacred law of amateurs #1: Learn the rules before you break them. Yes, it is clearly therapeutic to every once in a while engage in a project one doesn't know a thing about.


  1. Sabine,

    This is absolutely wonderful :-) I put a like and subscribed to your YouTube.

  2. You are really enjoying this, aren’t you? But it ain’t over till it’s over…

  3. I'm deeply split about this. I know many people who have spent years, if not their whole career, working out SUSY cross-sections and I know it's a difficult time for them. It would be very exciting to find physics beyond the standard model, regardless of whether that's physics which is on my publication list or not, but for them the big question is whether to jump the sinking boat or to hold on and wait till it's sure it's really at the bottom of the ocean. It's a standoff of reality versus belief in symmetry, "enjoying" is the wrong word but I think it's a generally interesting development, both for the physics as well as the sociology. And wouldn't we all miss our invisible friend?


    Postulated SUSY symmetries search for an elsewhere answer. Euclid's parallel lines and 180° triangles (duals!) exclude the exact universe. Boson photon vacuum symmetries postulated to be exact toward hadrons (fermion quarks) fail as parity violations, symmetry breakings, chiral anomalies, Chern-Simons repair of Einstein-Hilbert action (arXiv: 0811.0181, 1005.3310, 0903.4573.

    Test photon symmetries where they fail toward hadrons. Mathematical chirality is obviously independent of geometric chirality. Enantiomorphic (Section 3) mass configuration is inelegant chemistry. Never grant fund apostatic risk. Alas, the exact universe is historically discovered elsewhere.
    Pages 10 - 14. Denied by physics, embraced by chemistry, and... Section 2.
    ... mathematically unavoidable.

  5. Wow, you've really a nice pleasant voice! If only you would understand, what the SUSY is about and where to look for it. If nothing else, now you can sing for your supper movingly enough.

  6. /* I know many people who have spent years, if not their whole career, working out SUSY cross-sections and I know it's a difficult time for them */

    Still better, than the people, who spent years with promotion of really important findings, like the cold fusion or magnetic motors without interest of mainstream physics. Because we all are suffering with their ignorance.

    The SUSY is just one example of many. The mainstream theorists are so ignorant regarding the violation of its established theories, it cannot recognize SUSY, gravitational waves, quantum gravity and/or extradimensions in everyday phenomena.

  7. That was sooo sweat! Yet, never give up cause there are so many more invisible friends to meet in an endless universe...

  8. Uncle Al,
    I find it unfortunate the enantiomorphic link in your comment only went to six dimensions and not St least eight. While it is not neccessarily that the mathematical chirality and the geometric (I presume you mean physical) chirality are the same they certainly can be.

    Zephir in a weightless dimensionless flat irreducible aether what sorts of SUSY there may be as invisible is perhaps a given where humans have evolved at birth a sense of geometry including multidimensional. Science Daily today tells of research that suggests children are born with a sense of the eternal if asked about what at least emotionally the were before birth.
    Cold fusion is a real consequence of quantum theory but can it bring useful gains in energy any more than electrical effects by in inventors without grounding, that is the useful science question as measure as well as theory whether it involves turbulence of plasma or some reality of psi-plasm.
    Perhaps it is not good to have multiple imaginary friend voices in one's head. SUSY even of the stringy variety has its place even if it takes time to work out all the unnecessary partial physics. But even then more is involved and not all there is even if beyond a certain infinity or point singularity we feel that it is all there is even invisible.

  9. Well golly; that is an existentially rich and touching video on several levels. I do hope a new friend comes along for those in need.
    Perhaps then you would do something a little more up-tempo with bongo drums. There are precedents.

  10. Don,

    Yeah, I have something more uplifting in mind... :o) This one came out sounding more lonely than intended, probably due to the (unwanted) echo. I'm not a big fan of bongo drums though, Feynman or not. Best,


  11. Suzyyy, just killed by an experiment
    Put a gun against her head,
    Pulled trigger - now she is dead...

  12. Really very good. Your book should be published in an electronic/digital medium so it includes this video and other videos which illustrate some of your points.

  13. yesssss Sabine!! you totally rock! :)

  14. Nice composition, playing and singing. Your timing is really good.
    (By the way, german H="international" B, german B="international" Bb). The Bee problem :-)

    "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing".
    Maybe it's time for a swing theo... aem: model.
    Music is all about symmetry and self similarity, established in time.

    Swinging music even more.
    It has got its own tuning system which promotes swing, developed almost 100 years before Gauss' birthday (equal tuning, based on reals, not just on perfect integers, like Pythagoras had postulated).
    Swing lives from continous stress on the terminatory symmetry. That's why most people tend to clap on 2 and 4 instead of 1 and 3. Which related symmetry (self similarity) is chosen, depends on the listener. A swinging piece swings on almost all symmetry levels that maybe arbitrarily chosen, may it be chord progression, melody, metrics, rhythm or structure of the piece.
    Once the listener gets hold of it, it's rock solid and feels substantial.

    So in a way Susy is real and always with us, unless we clap on 1 and 3 :-)


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