Monday, September 30, 2013

Gauge Symmetry Violation (Short film)

Symmetry (Short Film) from Apostolos Vasileiadis on Vimeo.
A physics professor loses control over a false theory of his. A student is there to set things right.

Filmed at Nordita/AlbaNova or in tunnel system between the buildings respectively. Apparently some of the students here have, ehem, dark fantasies.


  1. In the string landscape, the mountains, are actually describing waves on a ocean? :)

    G -> H -> ... -> SU(3) x SU(2) x U(1) -> SU(3) x U(1)

    symmetries are restored at high temperature.....smoothly in second order.....from false vacuum to the true.

    What does this mean for QGP as we look at early universe? Hmmmm......

  2. The Planck Epoch is then revealing for what is to come when looking toward Grand Unification. Expansion of the universe, also for understanding matter creation? It just detailed in a different language?:)

  3. Consistency from a geometrical standpoint requires a shift too?

    Algebro-geometric methods. Although it is indeed difficult to understand, one must ask what geometry will emerge from the Planck Epoch that would indeed define and attribute matter creation?

  4. It's even weirder if you wonder if that is your office where the bad guy sits.

  5. Gauge symmetry/continuous transformation. Euclid is tight within itself. Bolyai added elliptic and hyperbolic geometries. Thurston has eight primary geometries of three-space. Connes has non-commutative algebra (discontinuous!). Elegant Euclid does not nearly wholly contain reality.

    Parity inversion is an absolutely discrete symmetry, an absolutely discontinuous transformation. It is outside Noether's theorems. Physics is empirically wildly defective in quantum gravitation and the standard model (symmetry violations, anomalies, breakings; SUSY, MSSM, etc.) Test assumed spacetime geometry toward matter outside physics' elegant postulates. Symmetry Relationships Between Crystal Structures, ISBN 9780199669950, 2013, pp. 68, Table 6.1. Listed are eleven classes of paired self-similar bodies that can violate the Equivalence Principle via discontinuous orthogonal chiral geometries. The first line includes single crystals of right- and left-handed gamma-glycine. The second is alpha-quartz, berlinite and analogues, tellurium, cinnabar; benzil. After New Years Day 1957, C,P,T,CP,CT, PT symmetries were untrue. A geometric Eötvös experiment "contradicts accepted theory." It will empirically clean up the theoretic messes within 90 days, in existing apparatus. Look.

  6. I see that the director and some of the protagonists are Greek so I can explain this. Currently in Greek cinema there is a trend termed the "Greek Weird Wave,"

    Obviously the director is influenced by it:-)

    Here is the relevant excerpt from Wikipedia:

    "In 2009, Dogtooth, directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, won the Prix Un Certain Regard at the Cannes Film Festival, and in 2011 was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 83rd Academy Awards.[7] The 2010 film Attenberg, directed by Athina Rachel Tsangari, won the Coppa Volpi Award for Best Actress (Ariane Labed) at the Venice Film Festival.[8] In 2011 Alps won the Osella Award for Best Screenplay (Yorgos Lanthimos and Efthimiοs Filippou) at the 68th Venice Film Festival.[9] Dogtooth, Attenberg and Alps are part of what some film critics, including Steve Rose of the The Guardian, have termed the "Greek Weird Wave," which involves movies with haunting cinematography, alienated protagonists and absurdist dialogue.[10] Other films mentioned as part of this "wave" include Panos H. Koutras's Strella (2009) and Yannis Economides's Knifer (2010).[11]"

  7. My own Supersymmetric Multiverse interpretation of quantum mechanics is the idea that NOT ALL POSSIBLE ALTERNATE HISTORIES of the universe NEED to exist IF THERE IS INSTANT mirror symmetrical wavefunction collapse in at least two distant (Charge and Parity) mirror symmetric universes. IF SO, then ALL ALTERNATE HISTORIES EXIST but have the same anti-copy result.
    Dual entangled Cats and anti-Cats in both universes, die or live instantly (superpositioned) without looking at them: they (the nuclear decay trigger) look to each other by long distant instant Quantum entanglement.
    Schroedinger was not aware of that of course so he described the paradox, which became known as Schroedingers cat paradox. However deep down the Planck scale at the Higgs level there seem to be TWO entangled pinball machines active between dual anti-copy universes. The oscillating Higgs energy is compared with the pinball springs and the pinballs compared with the Fermions and photons.

    Leo Vuyk


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