Sunday, June 10, 2012

New haircut!

You might or might not have noticed that some time during the last year I cut off my hair, getting tired of the babies pulling on it. A year later or so I finally went to get a proper hair-do. The first time since, ohm, 1989? Or so.

I don't like strangers with scissors near my ears. This haircut was particularly traumatic because the woman took of my glasses, washed my hair, and when I looked into the mirror I saw - my brother! I mean, when I was a kid people frequently mistook me for my younger brother, but I guess I didn't believe them we look "soo similar" till yesterday.

In any case, he has a beard now, and is a foot or so taller than me. So here's my haircut.


I've then also finally updated my profile pictures to short hair. Well, at least some of them. Google+'s ingenious software had the following to say about my new profile picture: "Are you sure people will recognize you in this photo? It doesn't seem to have a face in it. Upload a different photo. Dismiss." Okay, dismiss. So I don't seem to have a face. Or rather, my brother doesn't have a face.

Luckily I find the photo looks sufficiently alike the one in the blog header to justify not updating the latter. If the haircut doesn't look like much of a haircut, that's why I usually don't bother paying money for it and cut it myself. My hair is fundamentally messy, and the exact way it's cut doesn't make much of a difference.

Either way, I'm posting this photo so you'll recognize me should we meet! Because I'm always interested to get to know some of our readers. So should our paths cross some day, don't hesitate to say hello.


  1. Nice...

    I think this picture is much better than your picture in the 'about' page.

    I think you should change that too...

  2. Right... I just changed that too, thanks!

  3. Not only brother, but sometimes who looks like which parent? This question about "the girls" is of course obvious, eh? :)


  4. Hi Bee,

    Nice photo and haircut, although I think I’d recognize you anywhere regardless. Now for me I have the opposite problem as you, that is finding a haircut relaxing, while having a phobia regarding cameras rather than scissors; heightened more so since the advent of high definition.

    ”If truth is beauty, how come no one has their hair done in the library?”
    -Lily Tomlin



  5. Not many women can wear short hair cuts in my opinion. You can! And don't hesitate, I would recognize you anyway.

    Take care


  6. Uhm. For some reason this got me thinking about the no-hair theorem. I guess it proves you are not a black hole.

    Are you still in Stockholm? I thought I might run into you some day, but this did not seem to happen. If you should notice me before the other way around (very likely, since I am not very human oriented), here is how I look. Except that I don't wear glasses anymore. I had an operation, because extreme near-sightedness is strongly correlated with early cataracts.

  7. The new haircut of yours is as cute as Stefan's one by now: practical and global warming ready...

    A hint: when you're buying a horse, check the teeth.

  8. Thomas: Yes, I'm still in Stockholm. I'm impressed by the eye-improvement, how is the long-term prognosis of the treatment? Best,



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