Saturday, September 17, 2011


We'll resettle to Stockholm in the coming week and fight some bureaucratic fights, so you might not hear much from us for a while.

Since blogpoll apps have a tendency to vanish, here's a summary of the two recent polls.

Do you die when you go through a transmitter?
  • Yes, you die. 36.8% (70)
  • No, you don't die. 33.7% (64)
  • Some part of the process is physically impossible. 25.3% (48)
  • Something else (please explain in comments). 4.2% (8)

Do you believe in free will?
  • I believe human decisions are in principle predictable and there is no free will. 35.4% (45)
  • I believe human decisions are in principle predictable, but still there can be free will. 28.3% (36)
  • I believe human decisions are not predictable, neither in practice nor in principle, and we have free will. 27.6% (35)
  • I believe something else that I'll explain in the comments. 8.7% (11)


  1. Hi Bee, Stefan and Kids,

    What a wonderful family.

    All the best with your move.

  2. Aww... Lucky kids, lucky parents.

    SF6847 cures bureaucracy. Extract BHT preservative from potato chips. Oxidize with chromium trioxide in glacial acetic acid... one more step. One SF6847 molecule short-circuits one mitochondrian. A few milligrams uncouples oxidative phosphorylation. The target's body temp zooms past 43 C, the brain melts.

    SF6847 is hydrolytically labile. After a few hours the body is safe for carrion scavengers to eat. Ecology! (Don't lick your fingers in the lab.)

  3. A great looking Family! All the best!

  4. Dear Bee, Stefan,
    Whether we have free will or not evaporates into irrelevance with the lovely babies in your lap! All the best with your move!

  5. Wow, they're cute. No, not the poll results.

  6. Hi Bee,

    This truly is a wonderful photo and it’s nice to see our researcher in motion has some company along the way. Of course it’s become more complex, yet how boring things would be if they weren’t. So I wish a safe journey for you, Stefan and your two adorable sputniks.

    “A good companion shortens the longest road.”
    -Turkish proverb



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  8. This is my first blog comment ever. I have always been just following. But I have followed backreaction for a while and when I saw the picture I felt that I have a bound with you and have to wish you luck:)
    So all the best in your fight :)

  9. I think I have free will, whether or not I do, therefore the question is moot.

    Fine looking family and happy Birthday, Bee!

  10. I know this is off-topic but maybe I’ll get a response here. I would really like a separate RSS feed for comments. Many of my favourite blogs have them. Especially on a blog with many comments like this one, one needs some method of following new comments which is better than looking at (in theory) all old posts.

    If I just can’t find it, someone point me to it. If there isn’t one, why not?

  11. Bee,

    Nice photo!

    Unfortunately Rafael didn't show up today. He was distracted with something, although I imagine it was him attending two seminars at once.

  12. Hi Philip,

    The link to the comment feed is in the sidebar where it says 'comment feed.' Best,


  13. Thanks. Don't know how I missed it!


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