Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

We wish all our readers a good start into the year 2010! We want to use this last day of the year to thank you all (yes, you all) for your visits, comments, feedback, links, and for making this blog so interesting!

Here's our 2009 visitor statistic, shown is the weekly average:

And here is the country share for an average day (not an annual average). Shown are only countries with a share larger than 1%:

Perc.Country Name

34.25%United StatesUnited States





4.11%United KingdomUnited Kingdom










1.14%United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates

1.14%Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia


Seems the Swedes have still somewhat to catch up :-)

And here's Backreaction's Best of 2009. If you have some hours of 2009 left to kill, check these out:


  1. Mark your calendar! 2848 AD will host two full moons in December: the 1st and the 31st (New Year's Eve), both of them being lunar eclipses. It happens once in Methuselah's lifetime.

  2. Hi Bee,

    So as it’s been always known that things first present as possible in the land of Oz. I also want to express my personal thanks for you and Stefan’s efforts in the creation and maintenance of this blog which I have found as so valuable during the few years I’ve been reading it now. Lastly I would like to point out that if population is taken into account your data set would clearly have demonstrated that Canada is by far and away your greatest fans. Of course that might only come to mean between me and Plato we represent as being 7% leaving .31% being the rest :-)

    Als,o if for some reason I don’t get another opportunity today I wish a Happy Hew Year to you and Stefan and also to all the commentors and tormentors alike.

    Best to one and all,


  3. Hi Bee,

    Sorry ,that should read "New" Year not "Hew" Year. Not strangely enough for two years now I've resolved myself at this time to lessen such avoidable mistakes and yet so far have has little success:-)



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  5. Happy New Year to Bee and Stefan and this weblog! IMO MathPhys has lacked true leadership since the demise of Niels "The Pope" Bohr ... here's hoping you two fill that vacuum in the coming years and decades ... cuz we all know how "Nature" abhors that, and you two being the modern equivalent of Marie and Pierre Curie, and being more than up to the task, well .... ;-)

  6. Happy New Year to all of Bee and Stefan's friends and bloggers as well, including you Zephir, who seems to be down in the dumps lately. I have met some of the most outstanding people here, so thanks yet again to S.& B.

    Regarding being "down in the dumps", the word for that is Depression, so here is wishing each and everyone of us great success in the coming year in fighting that most monstrous of Psychological beasts. This is the Year of the LHC ! Rejoice and be glad!

    If the coming results of the LHC aren't enough to give you cheers, there's always anti-depressant medication (including the over the counter type known as Booze), but BAH! I have 2 better suggestions, that always work for me:

    1) Read The Crackpot Index by John Baez. Again. I swear, just THINKing of that fine and funny work works for me in erasing the blues.

    2) Watch this You Tube video, which is Amy Adams playing Disney princess Giselle in the film Enchanted. MY favorite bit is when the Price, Scott Summers, gets plastered by the bikers, but I'm a New Jersey guy and that's what we find amusing. For normal people, Ms. Adams does the whole hammy Broadway-esque girly-girl thing to perfection. That cheers me up too.


  7. Steve Colyer,

    At Cosmic Variance did you really say:

    64. Steven Colyer Says:
    December 27th, 2009 at 4:46 am

    "One thing about Religions … they have leaders.

    One thing about Physics … currently there are only leader wannabes, mostly Mathematicians posing as Physicicts who have faith in unprovable higher dimensions.

    Where is Niels Bohr when you need him?

    Instead, we get Kaku. Whom I give thanks to, otherwise I’d have never known Edgar Allen Poe was a Physicist."

    Were you impersonating a certain malcontent?

    Do you speak with forked tongue?

    Does your story change with the venue?

    Most amusing!


  8. Ulrich, I will not let you spoil this end of Festivus, this Happy New Year that will begin here in the Eastern U.S. time zone in 9 minutes. So Happy New Year to YOU sir!

    Having said that, I do not understand the forked tongue comment. I wrote what I wrote at Cos Vari four days ago in response to Sean Carroll's proselytizing, yet again, about his devoted devotion to his Religion of Atheism. Others confused by Ulrich Anonymous' comment should click here and read the article in context.

    Personally, I find theological discussions boring, and unscientific. Let Templeton do its Templeton thing, who are they hurting? As Dirac said:

    "I do not see why we idle discussing Religion ..."
    ... Paul A.M. Dirac

    Amen. And cheers, mates! 3 minutes and counting.

  9. Happy new year and decade Stefan and Bee and to all the readers. Thanks for maintaining this blog; you give us the opportunity to discuss things.

    BTW where are all these 'other' readers? Why they are not commenting? More or less I see the same people in the comment section. Maybe we should stand back a little and give space to other people to contribute with fresh ideas.

  10. Happy New Year, Sabine and Stefan, and all readers of this blog!

  11. Ulrich: Off-topic. Please drop it.

    Steven: Yes, the Crackpot index always cheers me up :-)

    Uncle: Have marked my calendar, I certainly don't want to miss it.

    Phil, Steven, Christine, Giotis: Thanks for the good wishes and all the best to you too.



  12. Thanks, Bee, and Happy New Year to you and all as well! (But IMHO maybe not a new decade yet if you follow starting from the year one.) I sure hope, it's better than the last. I suggested naming the just-maybe-passed decade "the nillies" since "nil" can mean "nothing" and maybe from it being so 'willie-nillY." (I would say, it gave us the willie-nillies.). Defined at (but not a Britocentric joint):
    This term has two, slightly differing, but related meanings: 'whether it is with or against your will' and 'in an unplanned, haphazard fashion'

    If I may add a brief note (general physics, and this is kind of open subject), any of you interested in quantum mechanics may want to read my post at (The URL tells you the subject.) It relates to the previous post here about testable predictions, since many have thought we can't really test the overall concepts of the decoherence interpretation directly (ie, its conceptual point.) I explain an experiment that could do just that, by recovering information that should have been lost from decoherence.

    I am proud to be number one on just recently on the intertubes for the subject matter search (ie, no personally connecting features to help) "quantum measurement paradox." Note, that changes around. If you think I must be on to something, please check and the links!

  13. Sorry, I should have used URL linking and I guess I'm used to some pages that do that on auto. Try Decoherence Interpretation Falsified?.
    It's in draft shape, but easy to follow the argument.

  14. Hi Bee, hi Stefan,

    also to you a happy new year. I wish you two and all the bloggers on this blog a healthy and successful future.

    Best Kay

  15. /*..who seems to be down in the dumps lately..*/
    ?? I wrote nearly ten blog posts over last week - not saying about other activities (in Czech, so it doesn't count, though)...

    It's not so bad - if we consider time spent by various social activities, connected with Christmas & New Year celebration.

  16. Proschd Neijohr!
    E Brezel wie e Scheierdoor,
    en Kuche wie e Dach,
    unn e Brotworscht bis uff Hambach!

  17. After seeing figures for no growth in household income (in USA at least) while upper income grew ("my base", the have-mores, as GWB once put it), I figure maybe calling the past decade "the zilchies" since that's what most of us got.

    BTW Bee, I Fanned the PI but I don't see the Lightcone Institute on Facebook, maybe it would be cool to put up? PS hope you're feeling better.


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