Saturday, January 10, 2009

Backreaction meets Theorema Egregrium

On our trip along the coast from Rio towards Sao Paulo, we had a brief stopover to say hello to Christine from Theorema Egregrium. The below photo confirms once again that I always look stupid on photos, so please excuse the expression on my face.

From left to right: me, my husband, Christine, her husband. The photo was taken by her lovely son, Pedro. (Click to enlarge, and see Christine's post on the event).


  1. I wish I could meet you. Campinas is not so far away from São José dos campos. I enjoy your blog. Next time!

  2. Christine, are you looking here? I posted comment to your thread "Philosophy of Gauge Theory" and it didn't show up yet. I didn't see a "... is awaiting moderation." Pardon the interruption.

  3. Hi Neil,

    Your comment is approved there... I do not have an idea why the message for awaiting moderation didn't show up.

  4. Hey I hope you are enjoying the trip
    Say hi to Christine for us

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Hi Bee & Stefan,

    Like as the comment I left on Christine’s blog its nice to see all of you together in one time and place and that as Stephan expressed it might have been even better if it could have been extended for a time. Then again it is wonderful that through technology such as this that our access and contacts are no longer limited to simply our physical location, which for so long before formed limitations. As well its nice see Christine’s other half Fabiano and too bad that Pedro was not somehow also included.

    There is one thing I find myself curious about however, which is in the photo Stephan is the only one sporting shorts, so a question forms which is to ask if it was resultant of it being so chilly that only Stefan felt comfortable so attired or is he the only one confident about the appearance of his legs? :-)




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