Friday, July 18, 2008

This and That

In the absence of quality blogging time here's some unordered bits of information:


  1. Hi Bee,

    “Curiosity didn't kill the cat: Cat got accidentally sent over several hundred miles in a package.”

    You missed the point:” Tomcat Janosch was just looking for a nice place to sleep…"I've sent your cat in the post," Manuela Lueginger sheepishly admitted. The day before in her cellar, Lueginger had carefully wrapped tape around a package, which contained a child seat that she had auctioned off on eBay.”

    The key points are:” The cat's owner said she wasn't too surprised that Janosch hadn't OBJECTED to being boxed up and carried off. "This cat has always been a bit special," she said. "He likes to ride in cars, he likes boxes and he NEVER COMPLAINS." In addition, “she wasn't particularly worried: The one-year-old tomcat has a habit of DISAPPEARING for a day or two.”

    “Where to next?”

    I think Janosch deserve the tenure position at PI for the substantial contribution in the quantum and classical physics.

    Regards, Dany.

  2. P.S. In addition I suggest you to insist getting support from FQXi for investigation of Manuela Lueginger social unmotivated behavior (50%) and to cover Janosch travel expenses (50%).

    Regards, Dany.

  3. Hi Bee,

    The announcement of your paper was certainly low key as being just the last point on a this and that posting. I have down loaded it plus given it a initial read to the extent that I can acknowledge that I don’t have much of a clue as to what it’s about other then it’s related to the dark matter question. I hope at some point you will have the time and inclination to write an “A Bi-Metric Theory with Exchange Symmetry for Dummies” version as a synopsis on the blog.



  4. Hi Phil,

    Yes, the paper is rather technical. I hope that at some point I will have the time to work out some examples that might be easier to explain. Best,


  5. Hi Bee,

    Congratulations for your new paper! It's interesting subject.

    Best wishes

  6. The SciFoo area of California is definitely not on fire. =) You'll have fun and good weather there.

  7. You can see some Olive Riley videos here. Ah, oysters and beer, certainly brings back some childhood memories for me.


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