Sunday, September 09, 2007

Wings of Paradise

Hey, I uploaded a video!

"Wings of Paradise" is a butterfly conservatory in Cambridge, Ontario (roughly 15 km from Waterloo). It hosts over 2000 free-flying butterflies in a tropical garden that reminds me very much of the Palm Garden in Frankfurt. Over 85 species of butterflies from Costa Rica and the Philippines are represented. Despite it being a sunny Saturday, the place was not too crowded with people.

Quite amazing what one can do nowadays with a digital camera the size of a cigarette box (the original movie had 45 MB and a considerably better resolution). Some of the photos you can find here:

For more info visit:


  1. Hi Bee and Stefan, great photos, I expanded the butterfly photos using the zoom function, they are great, but could not veiw video, this is my computer problem I believe, anyway thanks to you both for sharing an obvious great day out, best wishes paul.

  2. Great digital media!

    With global warming, maybe those butterflies will be allowed outdoors!

  3. Short & sweet - the movie.
    Bees and butterflies, pollinating the plants, sometimes buzzing or wings flapping just fluttering around

    all they ask for is just a little nectar - enough to complete their task

    sometimes butterflies seem like colourful dust particles, just for a moment held together and endowed with 'life'
    as they fly past sprinkling dust and magic pollen in their short particulate life

  4. Reversible and irreversible are levels infused in each other. A phrase taken from the Kuhnian book

    It works on a lot of different levels I think?:) Nice pictures of you two.

  5. Dear Bee,

    thank you for that great video :-)

    It's amazing indeed how that little camera can take so many movie shots. But it's even more amazing to see your talent in pulling together all that raw material to such a beautiful video!

    Cheers, Stefan

  6. Wow, soooooo sweet...! Thank you, Bee.

  7. Who doesn't love butterflies? Wow, that was great!

  8. Hey Bee, Stephan,

    what a lovely couple you are!


  9. We had a great visit at the Wings of Paradise. I recomend this outting, they also have an information, and education area, for those who wish to learn more.


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