Saturday, July 07, 2007


I spent half of the day trying to sort through all that stuff which has accumulated on my desk while I was away. My efforts where impressively unsuccessful. The only thing that came out of this was the poem below. I think I'll go for a walk, buy a lighter and then give it a second try.


      Cardboard boxes, paper piles,
      Unread books, and many files,
      Coffee cups and empty cans,
      Post-its, trash and broken pens.

      Unpaid bills, forgotten friends,
      Pieces, broken in my hands,
      Wedding photos in between
      Notebooks and a magazine.

      Plastic plants, a moving box,
      And a pair of unmatched socks,
      Unfinished, and missing pieces,
      Leave me wondering where peace is.

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... I actually think I have a lighter... if only I could find it... what a mess!


  1. Hi Bee,

    the pieces outside may reflect a shattered life. But could it be different? Could the finger prints we leave on this surface make sense to us or give us even some peace?

    The pieces are relics of our life, they merely function as a manifestation of random parts of our history. Since they are only projections, we can neither reconstruct our life from them nor find reason in their constellation.

    But there are the pieces inside us, witnesses of a continous and sometimes challenging memory. They may or may not bear the reflection of a deeper reason. They may be part of something bigger, something granting us harmony, happiness and peace.

    Where else could the chance for peace dwell if not in us?

    May the Universe be kind to you,


  2. Dear Stef,

    Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I've been hoping while I get older, some of the pieces would start fitting together. But life is still a puzzle with a picture I can't see.



  3. Don't worry, Bee, you already know how to weave the pieces into a whole fabric, which is essentially you. It's happening without your trying, I think!

  4. lol Bee,
    pretty clever, pretty cool!
    So what's the lighter for to turn to ash (recycle) all the paperwork

    Anyway, think of everything that has taken place from the beginning till right now ...
    and it is still really all about us
    after all if none of it has any meaning or makes any sense to us
    then it has no meaning & makes no semse

    Furthermore it is WE give it meaning, even if sometimes it feels like we are just dreaming

  5. Amara, love your golden threads!

  6. from wikiquote..

    "Nur Idioten halten Ordnung, ein Genie beherrscht das Chaos."

    "Wer Ordnung hat, ist nur zu faul zum Suchen."



  7. Peace is in your heart. All the picture that you need of life is that you love and that you are loved.

  8. Dear Amara:

    Thanks. I am actually trying to stay out of the weaving and braiding ;-) I really like your poem! And the quotation that you have on your side I will keep in mind:

    A poem is in the spaces between the words~Deena Metzger

    Dear Quasar:

    Yes, I was thinking of a bonfire... but then it started raining. I think I'll just throw away all these papers. There's no way I will ever come around reading them anyhow.

    Dear Arun:

    Thanks for your kind words. In case you don't know it, you might enjoy reading The Neverending Story (don't bother with the movie, it's not worth it). The bottomline is essentially what you said...

    Dear Klaus:

    Yes, I know both sayings... Regarding the first I don't think it's true though. Most people I know whose desk is a mess usually have a very delicate kind of order, up to the level that you initiate a serious crisis if you shift a single paper. I usually try to achieve a kind of more resilient order (i.e. throwing everything away sounds indeed very tempting). Regarding the second... yes, indeed I am too lazy ;-)



  9. a lovely poem..


  10. Dear Bee,

    I'm always partial to those who give me good stuff to read :).

    I don't know what the neverending story is about yet (i'll read it to be sure), so maybe I'm coming from an entirely different angle, but the margin is too small for a full exposition. :)

    Plus, can't/shouldn't bore you :)

  11. Your poem says so much about many of our lives. The puzzle pieces will fit and make a lovely picture. Sometimes I get in a big cleaning mood and rearrange stuff and throw out old things and finish projects that only need a little more work. It somehow clears the mind when the surroundings are free of all those things. It's hard, though, to get started when it looks overwhelming. Good luck!

  12. Dear Bee: Deena Metzger's quote came from my old favorite book: Writing for your Life. Every time I dive into that book I'm inspired to write. It inspires me even in the middle of the night on my birthday :-) I recommend this book for you.. especially for when you are sitting on the balcony watching the clouds.


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