Friday, June 15, 2007

Positively Crazy

Some inspiriation for your next seminar:

"better get used to staying up all night" - yo, man.


  1. "hip like a thong"
    That's like "hip like a string". Very funny!:-)

  2. I love it. :D It's my new anthem.

  3. Not all physicists are crazy ... but it certainly helps! ;)

    A mathematician without prejudices

  4. I'm sharing that with every science teacher I know. Thanks.

  5. did it copyright-reserved?

    anyway i'm gonna add it to my favourite in utube!

  6. What's that amulet he's wearing? Is it a Pi?


    384,000 hits??!! This is apparently a high-school physics class, I actually thought it was college.

    His ( creativity should not be underestimated, he could be the next "The Science Guy" (a legitimate scientist who went bigtime to the masses, via TV). The sorrow state of science funding in US, is directly correlated to science ignorance of the Public (look no further than our president..Doh!).

    "A better informed/entertained/captivated public is more likely to relate to Science, & fund it"

    Incredibly, his Youtube video (& other creative media approaches like iTunes video-podcast) could be the key to future of Science in USA. Stanford & Duke have embraced the new technology, & are already using iPod for teaching.

    "The World rewards Creativity"

    The Perimeter Inst (funded by founders of Blackberry) should take note, & start a physics outreach program using the latest multimedia technologies. Video is hot. The iPhone scheduled for June 29 release (this Fri) opens ups a HUGE demographic for iTunes video-podcast (& Youtube videos): the cellphone market #'s are an order of magnitude bigger than media-players

    [ Apple sold the 100 millionth iPod a few months ago, 3 billion cellphone users worldwide by the end of this year ]

    The "SUSY '06" iTunes video-podcast has a video of B's talk. Now, viewable over iPhone.

    "Distraction"..? "Positively Crazy"? How about "Relevant"?

    Now we just have to get B (& other scientists like Rob Knop) to add "entertainment appeal" to her talks, ala Gregslab. You don't have to use the "Standard Model" (TV), like Briane Greene did with NOVA. Use the "Alternative Model"..Go iTunes video-podcast (or Youtube) over an iPhone. If a high-school (?) physics student like Gregslab can pull 384,000 hits, just imagine what PhDs/postdocs can do. Especially, if backed by a Perimeter Inst (started by Blackberry founders).

    (example) NASCAR
    auto-racing is a technical & niche-market ("gearheads"), that the masses traditionally never related to. NASCAR somehow reached the mass-market thru TV ("Standard Model"), by delivering an Entertainment Package. It surpassed Baseball (national sport of USA) as the #2 watched sport!

    If NASCAR can do it, so can any technical niche-market. They just started a Reality TV series based on "inventions". This is a sign that Science could get its own platform (TV or media-players), to reach the masses.

    Q: B, how did you find this Youtube video?

  8. see


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