Friday, January 19, 2007

Where is my mind?

Look at more optical illusions here. I was really confused by the color perception flash animations! I actually took a screen shot, got the RGB code of the patches they say have the same color, and they do! The flash ani is not so really convincing, but trust me ;-)

    Try this trick and spin it
    Your head will collapse but there's nothing in it
    And you'll ask yourself:
    "Where is my mind?"

Pixies, Where is my mind


  1. Motion-induced blindness,

    It's a remarkable illusion - especially when it is forced toward not working.

  2. That was wild. Makes you wonder what we might be missing every day. But the Mona Lisa one was easy.

  3. Hey Uncle,

    thanks for the link! This one is actually better :-)


  4. Great link Bee !

    If one uses the slider bar on your browser, moving up and down slowly nullifies the dissapearence of the yellow dots !

  5. Dear Bee,

    unfortunately, the Flash-Animation doesn't show up in my ibook... I'll have to have a look at what may going wrong with this embedding stuff sometime. But luckily, I 've got a personal preview of your post before :-).

    These effects are really great. Although, the motion-induced blindness is also inducing slight motion-sickness with me ;-)

    It would be interesting to see if this funny mis-working of the visual cortex could be mapped by MRI...

    Best, stefan

  6. unfortunately, the Flash-Animation doesn't show up in my ibook...

    AH! Why didn't anybody tell me earlier? Sorry bout that, didn't realize Mozilla doesn't know what to do with 'width = 100%' for an embedded object. Does it work now? Best,


  7. Dear Bee,

    YES, great, now it works!
    You're a HTML wizard :-)

    Best, stefan

  8. I guess this motion induced blindness can vary with eye(s). For me, the right yellow dot vanishes but not the left one. It stays in vision even though I do the "watching experiment" from several angles. Any thoughts?


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