Sunday, September 03, 2006

Good Bye Santa Barbara

    "There's nothing left to try
    There's no place left to hide
    There's no greater power
    Than the power of good-bye

    Your heart is not open, so I must go
    The spell has been broken...I loved you so
    You were my lesson I had to learn
    I was your fortress

    There's nothing left to lose
    There's no more heart to bruise
    There's no greater power
    Than the power of good-bye"

Madonna, The Power of Good Bye


  1. Dearest Bee,

    Have a save trip. Hope to see you again back in SB,

    -- K.

  2. So what comes next?

  3. Wow Bee
    bored with California. lol!

    Madonna bought a pad in England
    but I gather she's still a California girl at heart.

    You in Canada now?

  4. Hi there,

    yes, I am in Canada now. No idea what comes next. Have to give a seminar on Friday, I guess I should at least come up with a title other than TBA :-)

    Best, B.

  5. Hi Bee
    glad to see you're well!

  6. Hi Mum,

    SOOOOORRRRRRYYY. After being off the Dept at UCSB, I was having some issues with the firewall and could only read but not sent email. And, obviously, my cell doesn't work. But I am back to civilization now... Best, B.

  7. The flower photo is great, thanks for sharing it! I was visiting Santa Barbara two years ago, its such a beautiful place. Good luck with everything, nice blog, jessy


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