Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Black Holes And Revelations

- New Album Out Now -

Okay, I admit, I am sitting around in my office and waste precious working time, after I eventually finished what I had begun to refer to as The-Eternal-Neutrino-Paper :-)

I can recommend the new album, it has quality. I will have to listen to it some more times but it has some nice tracks, doesn't sound too similar to the previous album Absolution, and the booklet is carefully designed, nice photos. Which one is the guy completely in black? He's kind of cute.

Speaking of guys in black: Andi, you will like Assassin: "War is overdue, The time has come for you, To shoot your leaders down, Join forces [...] Oppose and disagree, Destroy demonocracy " I think I like Map Of The Problematique better. Wish I had a map...

Anyway. Have to get some work done now. What's my next paper about? Oh yes, Angelina Jolie ;-)


Note added Aug. 6th


  1. Hey, that neutrino paper must be important! You say so many times.

    "Higher-dimensional models of neutrino physics with one or more right-handed neutrinos in the bulk have attracted considerable attention..."

    "This hybrid scenario also has a number of additional important features..."

    "Another important feature is that our hybrid scenario provides its own natural regulator for Kaluza-Klein sums..."

    "But most importantly, our mechanism completely decouples the effective neutrino flavor mixing angles from the sizes of the overlaps..."


    Maybe it really is, if there is a nice way to make K-K sums finite and well-defined. But the arrangement strikes me as a bit baroque - why not throw in warping as well?

  2. Not sure if I understood your question "Which one is the guy completely in black?" (on the photo at wiki, it is the second guy, assuming he's wearing black pants! ;)), but the guy's Matthew Bellamy.
    For me, after a few listenings, 2 songs stand out: Supermassive BH and Knights Of Cydonia.

  3. Hi Nitin, actually I meant the photo in the booklet, but it's the same guy who's wearing black. Thanks for the info... Yes, the Supermassive BH is great. I still like Map of the Problematique most... it has a great intro. City of Delusion is okay, but the trumpet (3:40) sucks. Best, B.

  4. Hi Thomas,

    Sure. You know how people read papers. Abstract, conclusions, a paragraph here, another there, then it ends up on the paper pile. I like to repeat the IMPORTANT statements just to increase the cross-section for readers to get the point.

    Anyway, the split-fermion scenario makes the KK-sums finite, that has already been pointed out in

    Split Fermions in Extra Dimensions and Exponentially Small Cross-Sections at Future Colliders
    Authors: Nima Arkani-Hamed, Yuval Grossman, Martin Schmaltz

    The nice thing about our model with the neutrinos is that it connects issues that otherwise aren't apparently related: the right handed neutrino having no gauge charges at all and the left handed neutrinos having small masses, as well as large mixing.

    Best, B.

  5. Hi B

    I think "City of Delusion" is not too bad an excursion of Muse into, so far as the style of the band is concerned, unexplored musical landscape. "Map of the Problematique" is definitely thumbs up.

    The transition in music style from "Absolution" to "BH & Revelations" vividly reminds me of Rammstein's almost, seemingly, similar change in music style, say from "Reise, Reise" to "Rosenrot" (btw I consider Rammstein to be one of the most promisingly progressive bands, and I simply love, and shamelessly indulge in, their powerful music ;)).



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