Monday, April 10, 2006


HE DID IT!!! HE DID IT!!! Very very special congrats to

...and thanks to my mother for sending the photos...

from left to right: Stefan, Carsten, Adrian, Brachmann, Alex

and -- judging from the blackness of clothes -- I guess the ear on the far left is Andi's

Stefan and Horst (this is *not* the seminar room)


  1. Dear Bee,

    thank you very very much for the congratulations, and for posting these very nice photos :-)

    These are, indeed, the first pictures I have seen from the event, although lots of people have taken lots of photos. I guess I will see more when I visit my parents' place this weekend, since my uncle, Wilhelm Dupre, was a very active photographer. I am happy that he took pictures instead of asking questions after my talk, as he had threatened to do before ;-).

    As you can see, I am now the very proud owner of a rare specimen of the famous "ursus doctorus phil nat renatae", hand-made by Bee's mother. And you can see, if you look very closely, that also Bee was in Frankfurt - albeit not in person, which was the one big downer of that happy day...

    I think "the ear" on the first photo belongs to Andi, indeed, and yes, that was not in the seminar room. For the party, we went to the Cafeteria Bauer in the FIZ, next to the physics building. This is, actually, the only somewhat cosy place within one mile of the new physics institute - but it was really very pleasant there! We had a beautiful evening, and I left at roughly 2 in the morning...

    Well, before giving any wholehearted recommendations for giving parties there, maybe it's better to wait unitl I have seen what the bill looks like ;-) Anyway, its a nice place, and they have a roof garden with a view over the surrounding fields, which will be really nice if, eventually, spring time will start over here.

    More about that day later - cheers,


  2. Dear Stefan,

    should you refer to the teddy, I am afraid upon closer inspection it might have a tag 'Made in the USA'. Don't know what my mother told you but I brought it last summer (well, I thought you would finish by October). And the photo is awful! Best,


  3. Hmpf, how embarassing for me... Well, your mother did tell me something about the bear, but obviously, I did not get it correctly. Sorry about that - all the more since it is your present!

    BTW, it is not made in the US, but in China - so much about loosing the edge: that is where the new PhDs come from ;-)


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