Sunday, November 08, 2015

10 things you should know about black holes [video]

Since I had the blue screen up already, I wanted to try out some things to improve my videos. I'm quite happy with this one (finally managed to export it in a reasonable resolution), but I noticed too late I should have paid more attention to the audio. Sorry about that. Next time I'll use an external mic. I have also decided to finally replace the blue screen with a green screen, which I hope will solve the problem with the eye erasure.


Uncle Al said...

"the problem with the eye erasure" Black holes may scourge Earth prior to triffid invasion in 2100. Everybody must keep five gallons of salt water each at their doors and windows. Ocean levels recede, Asia-US land bridge reappears, Russians invade Barrow, Alaska. Barack Obama commissions 40 foot wide Magic Marker to pro-actively draw a broad red line in Oregon. Pesky black holes!

The Black Hole Tax on Everything is legislated.

Rowan said...

Hi Bee,

The blue screen seems to work well, what editing software do you use? Thanks for the recap on black hole theory, in years of reading Scientific American I have encountered most of these points, but the bit I have never quite understood is the 'information loss' associated with Hawking radiation (and please pardon my ignorance). What information is being carried by the un-entangled photons? Could it be for example the absorption spectra of the material falling through the horizon i.e., the information that it was a hydrogen nucleus? If we could actually detect/measure one of the escaping photons, would it matter that it was no longer coupled to Bob/Alice now departed towards the interior of the horizon? Would its 'information' be forever altered/lessened by losing contact with its partner?

Sabine Hossenfelder said...


I'm using Corel Video Studio Pro X, and it's a piece of crap. It took me literally 3 hours to crop off the first 3 frames from this video, I do not kid you. I gave up on Corel and tried two shareware apps which wouldn't do it either. In the end I simply covered the first 3 frames with an overlay track and exported this again, which worked. Drives me nuts. If you can recommend some other software that does about the same, I'll go buy it instantly.

Regarding information: All information. Everything that specifies the quantum states of the matter, to the extent that quantum uncertainty allows it to be specified to begin with. The simplest is if you just think of energy eigentstates. Then you have for example energy, spin, charge, isocharge or color charge, or whatever else characterizes the particles. Best,


Phillip Helbig said...

"I have also decided to finally replace the blue screen with a green screen, which I hope will solve the problem with the eye erasure."

Now there's a look in your eyes
Like black holes in the sky